Friday & Saturday

Cranberry-walnut toast with butter and cafe au lait. Both days.

U.S. Senate candidate Ling Ling Shi is a person of few words, and I have taken the liberty of arranging his or her candidate statement into free verse:

Ten Giant Chaos


For God’s Heart 

And America’s Freedom 

Challenge 10 giant chaos 

in economy and 

economy-related sectors.

Here are a few other very short statements:

From Jason Hanania, who is apparently going for the tech vote: “01100101.”

From Karen Roseberry, a cryptic acronym: “S.A.V.E. the future!”

From Don J. Grunmann, a Public Enemy fan: “”

And, last but not least, from Jerry J. Laws, two words that presumably sum up his platform or character: “Constitutionalist. Americanism.”

I wonder whether all states have such colorful candidates. It would make a great documentary.


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