Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.

Here are how the U.S. Senate candidates did in the election, sorted from best to worst:

Candidates with about 1%

Karen (“S.A.V.E.”) Roseberry

Massie (“mind control slavery”) Monroe

President Christina Grappo

Less than 1%

Ling Ling (“10 giant chaos”) Shi

Jason (“1011001…”) Hanania

Paul (“Meritt”) Merritt

Don (“Americanism”) Grunmann

With 94% of the results counted, Karen Roseberry beat one of the three so-called major Republican candidates, former GOP Chair Ron Unz, and Massie Munroe finished within a few thousand votes of him.  Nearly 60,000 Californians stood with Ms. Munroe against mind control slavery!  Together our candidates received over 4% of the votes, more than a second major GOP candidate, Tom Del Beccaro.  The top GOP candidate, Duf Sundheim, got a little under twice their votes, or about 8%.  But, of course, there are many more minor candidates–about 30.  All the minor ones combined swamped the GOP’s best.



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