Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.



Friday & Saturday

Cranberry-walnut toast with butter and cafe au lait. Both days.

U.S. Senate candidate Ling Ling Shi is a person of few words, and I have taken the liberty of arranging his or her candidate statement into free verse:

Ten Giant Chaos


For God’s Heart 

And America’s Freedom 

Challenge 10 giant chaos 

in economy and 

economy-related sectors.

Here are a few other very short statements:

From Jason Hanania, who is apparently going for the tech vote: “01100101.”

From Karen Roseberry, a cryptic acronym: “S.A.V.E. the future!”

From Don J. Grunmann, a Public Enemy fan: “”

And, last but not least, from Jerry J. Laws, two words that presumably sum up his platform or character: “Constitutionalist. Americanism.”

I wonder whether all states have such colorful candidates. It would make a great documentary.



Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.

The first thing to note about today’s U.S. Senate candidate is her name: President Christina Grappo.  Do her friends call her President or Christina?  It reminds me of the Lake Wobegon resident Senator K. Thorvaldson.  Here is her entire statement, verbatim: “My education & expertise merits this prolific occupation in order to represent California, as United Senator.  I hold a Democratic Party platform with key issues for gun control, human trafficing, balancing the national deficit, and foreign policy initiatives. I am mainstream Facebook in social media!  My core values drive America!”

Okay, now read it again, slowly.




Cranberry – walnut toast with butter and cafe au lait.

We continue our survey of U.S. Senate candidates today with Massie Munroe! In her own words, she wants the Constitution to be “restored and strengthened in America and extended to the UN as a contract between all people and our world through US leadership and diplomacy.”  We could have an interesting conversation about this idea, but we need to move on to her quest to end mind control slavery.  Through her “national and international research and political activism,” she discovered mind control slavery (which has something to do with “satallite energy technology weapons” and “social engineering programs”), and she “facilitated (its) declassification.”  For her troubles, she “came under heavy sanctions that are ongoing.”  She urges voters to “rise above all the untrue accusations that assail my good character and heart.”

Next up: President Christina Grappo!




Special edition breakfast with voter educational materials!  Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.  The jam, incidently, is a fresh batch and is stupidly delicious. Wife surpassed herself.

Wife and self voted this weekend. For those who haven’t looked at the candidates for U.S. Senate, I thought I’d introduce a couple. Based on their statements in the Voter Information Guide, these are interesting people.

Paul Merritt refers to himself in the third person and in the first person. He toggles back and forth, which may be intended, in a subtle way, to align him with The Donald: “Merritt is solid on international issues.  I belief in Faith, respect people and all religions. Merritt supports Senator Feinstein’s border security fence . . . .”   Both also have a dodgy grasp on grammar (“Merritt adheres that Ronald Reagan’s idea on small government is best.”).  Strangely, he touts his membership in several homeowner boards: “Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Orange County.”  Not sure what to make of that. In any case, you may rest assuredly that “Merritt is Independent for all Citizens.”

Next up: Massie Munroe!




Special edition double breakfast with fruit!  First breakfast: toast with orange marmalade and cafe au lait.  Second breakfast (apres le swimming, as they don’t say in France): two apricots and another cafe au lait.  Apricots!  Not jam, but raw fruits still in their packages (also called skin).  They were pretty good.