Special last edition!  On a beautiful day in La Jolla–the day on which no. 1 daughter is graduating from college, in fact–the entire Toast clan gathered at one of its all-time favorite breakfast resturants, the Cottage. Mr. Toast had Eggs La Jolla and coffee.  The rest of the clan (and also no. 1 daughter’s friend Erin) had similar awesome food because everything at the Cottage is awesome!

After 450 posts, this is a wrap.  It’s been great.

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Special edition breakfast in a foreign place: wife and self are in San Diego for no. 1 daughter’s graduation!  Breakfast, as a consequence, was a rushed affair this morning: cappuccino and a danish from Peets.

Below is an extraordinary elixir from the top of no. 1 daughter’s refrigerator.  Who new such a thing exists?



Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.

Here are how the U.S. Senate candidates did in the election, sorted from best to worst:

Candidates with about 1%

Karen (“S.A.V.E.”) Roseberry

Massie (“mind control slavery”) Monroe

President Christina Grappo

Less than 1%

Ling Ling (“10 giant chaos”) Shi

Jason (“1011001…”) Hanania

Paul (“Meritt”) Merritt

Don (“Americanism”) Grunmann

With 94% of the results counted, Karen Roseberry beat one of the three so-called major Republican candidates, former GOP Chair Ron Unz, and Massie Munroe finished within a few thousand votes of him.  Nearly 60,000 Californians stood with Ms. Munroe against mind control slavery!  Together our candidates received over 4% of the votes, more than a second major GOP candidate, Tom Del Beccaro.  The top GOP candidate, Duf Sundheim, got a little under twice their votes, or about 8%.  But, of course, there are many more minor candidates–about 30.  All the minor ones combined swamped the GOP’s best.




Toast with apricot jam and cafe au lait.

We conclude our review of U.S. Senate candidates with Herbert G. Peters, who offers a history lesson, lots of sentence fragments, and idiosyncratic punctuation:

“Andrew Jackson Democrat. Our first 70 years; our country grew and flourished. We had no income tax. Motto: Manifest Destiny. Democrat Presidents; were most wise: Andrew Jackson balanced budget seven of eight years. Franklin Pierce vetoed a federal welfare bill. To reverse downward spiral of last 118 years: balance our budget, resist war, reduce costs, reduce taxes, repeal welfare and minimum wage so all can find jobs. Churches and Charities help needful. Reduce opression: replace income tax with sales tax. Goal: better life for all.”

Imagine Thanksgiving with Uncle Herb, explaining once again how replacing the income tax with a sales tax will reduce oppression.